Why does my Dog Bury Bones and other Things?

It is common for dogs to dig holes and bury small items. This include toys, jewelry, and even food stuff such as bones and meat. This is a typical behavior of a dog right from their ancestral times.

Why do Dogs bury Bones?

Dogs will bury items in the backyard or in hidden places in your home. You will see a pile of soil in your backyard or spot your dog retracting some of the items she had buried. There are various reasons attributed to this behavior of dogs.

1.      Inherited ancestral instincts

Both wild and domesticated dogs are hunters who can prey on small or large animals for survival. Food is normally scarce in the jungle and it takes the bold and brave to see another day. Wild dogs will hunt in a colony or in solitary and sometimes end up with a large catch.

After toiling, the canines now get rewarded. They will feast on their prey and in most cases, they will not finish up everything. Other than leaving the remains for the salivating vultures and hyenas, dogs will devise a way of refrigerating their meal for another day.

It is true that, getting a hunt the following day might be difficult and exhausting. So, why not preserve the remaining for tomorrow. This proves dogs to be smart animals that foresee the future. It is interesting that they will not forget to locate the places where they hide the meat or bones.

Burying the remaining meat under the soil will stop other animals from accessing it. It will also make it to stay preserved for a longer time due to the cool temperatures of the earth. Soil will also add some aroma that dogs enjoy.

Therefore, this is an inherited behavior that runs in dog family. You cannot therefore avoid seeing your pooch piling soil in your backyard in attempt to bury bones and other items. You can help in ensuring that the hidden food is safe not to cause him or her digestion issues such as diarrhea.

2.      Surplus and Satisfaction

It is common sense to preserve surplus for the future use, right? After getting satisfied, storing the excess is not a bad thing. Dogs will bury or hide items as an indication of surplus. That means you are providing more than enough of food, treats or toys.

A dog will think that its food or toys may be misused if left around and therefore find it important to hide as a way of preventing other pups from using. This will save her the hustle of getting them back when needed. You can regulate those treats you offer her and she will not have excess to keep away.

3.      Hide and Seek Game

We all like playing games and our furry friends are not exempted from entertaining themselves. Your dog will always go for things you treasure such as jewelry and hide them so that you can find them. If you are lucky to trace them back, she will trace them and hide them again. This will become a game of hide and seek that dogs find very interesting.

To avoid this happening, trick her into other games or use items that you don’t find important to you. Keep your valuables in a safe place or locked areas. Play with your dog, give chewable toys and provide treats.

4.      Nutritional Reasons

A dog may bury bones or meat to create a different taste. This can be a nutritional issue where a dog is craving for a certain mineral element that is not supplied in the diet. To take care of this, ensure that you provide balanced diet and treats to your canines.

What to do when a Dog bury Things

Having understood reasons as to why dogs dig holes to bury things, you can slowly change this habit in a way.  Do not punish your dog for hiding things as this will lower her self-esteem and install fear. Here is how to stop a dog from burring bones and other things:

  1. Training on where to place things such as toys can help your dog forget about burring or hiding them.
  2. Avoid giving your dog food that he won’t finish right away. If he doesn’t finish, take it away on time. This should include toys and other treats.
  3. Provide a healthy balanced diet to your dog. Dog might be burying food to obtain a certain type of taste associated with a given mineral element.
  4. Keep her busy and entertained with games and jokes. A dog can do crazy things when bored including hiding of items.
  5. Do not allow your dog to access backyard especially when you are not around.
  6. If your dog find fun in hiding things, you can provide a pit where she will be placing them or fence an area in your backyard where she can dig holes.
  7. Consult a veterinarian who can establish the cause and suggest a suitable remedy.


Dogs get entertained in digging holes and hiding things. Bones are buried for future use and possibly to make them tasty. Although you can change this behavior, involve a vet and use friendly tactics that may not affect your pet.

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