Why does my Dog smell so bad? 5 Reasons & What to do

We like spending time together with our canine friends. You will always find us together enjoying a car ride, evening walks and sometimes passing time of the day in the lounge. One day I noticed a foul smell coming from my dog and I thought of getting her a bath.

It was unfortunate that the fishy rotten smell reduced but did not end completely and I therefore knew something was amiss. This was regardless of using a shampoo, rinsed her well and air dried the fur. After a week the bad smell was persistent and becoming stronger.

I decided to take her to a veterinarian who carried out some testes and diagnosis. I was shocked to learn that despite your dog looking healthy, some factors can make her stink. You should therefore be on point and take the relevant measures early enough.

Here are the reasons why your dog smells bad and how to make her smell better.

1.      Dental infections and bad breath

How often do you clean and brush your dog’s teeth? Foods particles usually stuck in your dog’s teeth when feeding and they can accumulate and start decomposing. This will attract bacterial problems and your dog will be producing bad breath.

Dental infections are also possible in other animals and your canine is a no exception. Tooth decay and gum diseases can as well happen and your dog will be suffering in silence. Some people will notice this when the dog is not eating anymore or when the bad breath becomes unbearable.

How do you clean dog’s teeth?

Checking and cleaning of dog teeth ought to be done or a regular basis in order to avoid tartar buildup. There are plenty of dental care products, solutions and dental diet a veterinarian can recommend. This will greatly help in reducing dental infections besides enhancing the jaws and strengthening teeth.

When cleaning your dog’s teeth, use a special designed soft bristle dog toothbrush and a dog toothpaste. Do not use ones meant for humans. Home dental care should be introduced as early as possible and the better when a dog is still young. This will keep her teeth and gums strong and healthy.

To clean you simply lift the lip to access the gums and teeth. With a moistened brush, apply a paste and start brushing gently and try to reach both sides of the teeth. When you finish, reward your dog with a treat so that next time it will be an easier and enjoyable process.

Persistent bad dog breath regardless of regular cleaning could be emanating from other internal organs such as the respiratory and intestinal organs. Some diseases such as diabetes, kidney and liver problems can also be a culprit. You should therefore call or visit a veterinarian promptly.

2.      Dog skin Problems

Dogs can smell bad due to a skin infection such as canine Seborrhea, dog hot spots or allergic reactions. Common symptom of a dog with a skin infection is scratching or biting and sometimes odor. A dog suffering from Canine Seborrhea will have an oily flaky skin that produces dandruff. The oil buildup on the skin and hair is the reason for a bad smell.

During summer, most dogs suffer from hot spots. The condition is characterized by smelly itchy painful lesions that are caused by constant dog biting and scratching of the skin. Untreated hot spots can lead to secondary infection of the skin.

Most dog skin infections are caused by poor pet parenting. Lack of a nutritious diet, poor grooming and medication are rated as the main reasons. Although some skin disorders are genetically transmitted, there is plenty you can do to ensure that your dog is happy and comfortable.

There are breeds that have lot of overlapping folds in the skin such as bulldog and pugs. The folds can retain moisture and microorganisms. Such areas need more focus and constant cleaning and drying to avoid odor or a bacterial infection.

Dogs can also have smelly ears due to an infection or improper cleaning. Moisture can get trapped inside the ear canal after swimming or bathing. This can easily lead to yeast or bacterial infections of the skin inside the ear. Always dry their ears after contact with water. If the smell persist seek assistance from a vet.

3.      Poor Grooming

Your dog will automatically stink when you don’t bath her at all or doing it in a shoddy manner. You need to use the right grooming products such as dog shampoo and brush when bathing a dog. Clean her beddings, toys and ensure she eats from a clean environment.

Trim the fur and nails when they have overgrown. Brush the fur between baths using a soft bristle brush and clean the ears, paws and nose as well. Brushing helps in removing dead skin cells and any material that is dried on the fur such as saliva and fecal matters.

Proper toweling of your dog’s fur after bathing is very important. This removes any wetness that can attract and harbor microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria. Dog yeast infection results to fishy smell and may need intervention of a vet to eliminate it.

There are many dog grooming centers where all this can be handles at a fee should you not be in a position of doing it yourself. All you need to do is book an appointment and take your pet to be groomed.

4.      Gas Problems

Excessive flatulence, burping and gurgling are common gas related problems in dogs. This could relate to dietary issues or an infection such as digestion problems, irritable bowel syndrome or a respiratory disorder. Constant and excessive gas problem should be reported to a vet who may recommend a change in diet or a medical treatment.

Most dogs have got gas issues after feeding on grains and greens. It is also important to note that, some types of breed swallow a lot of gas while eating due to the structure of their mouth. Pugs and bulldogs are the greatest victims in this case.

5.      UTI and Infected Anal Glands

Foul smell from your pup may also be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Bacterial or fungal infection of the urinary is something that many dogs go through. Symptoms include frequent urination, pain when urinating, stress and fatigue. UTI should be treated urgently by a vet.

Infected anal glands can lead to a nasty odor from your dog. These glands located on both sides of the rectum are normal and usually does not produce any smell when they are healthy. If you suspect them as the reason for the bad smell of your dog, then you should schedule vet visit.


Dogs are interesting animals that keeps us happy and we also need to make them stay healthy, happy and comfortable. Always keep a close eye their health, diet and their beddings. Keep them clean and healthy and you will never experience any bad smell in your home.

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