Mother Dog and her 9 Puppies in abandoned Sealed Box doing Fine after being rescued

A mother dog and nine puppies were rescued by a Good Samaritan who found them abandoned in a sealed box at Puntzi Lake Landfill in British Columbia. The exhausted dog family was rushed to a vet clinic where they recuperated overnight before they were handed to the British Columbia Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BCSPCA).

The newborn puppies looked to be a week old when they were found. The mother looked weak and exhausted since the box was sealed with no possibility of getting out. The authorities have however launched a hunt for the owner who abandoned the animals.

The dog family is doing fine under the care of BCSPCA. The staff established her to be a collie/husky mix and they named her Casey. She looks lovely and so determined to care for her babies. The five male and four female puppies are also reported to be doing well.

The cruelty act has left many baffled as they express concerns of adopting the furry family. In response to that the shelter has stated that the canine family will be ready for adoption after around 8 weeks when the puppies are a little independent. “We are not taking adoption applications at this time, nor are we able to keep a wait list of interested parties for later,” a staff explained.

However, the animal shelter has requested for donations from the public to help in taking care of the dog and her puppies. People are free to donate puppy pads, small collars, teething toys, sheets and blankets besides monetary donations.

Elsewhere, two abandoned dogs found without food and water in a foreclosed home in New Jersey are making good recovery after being rescued by a man who took them to a local animal shelter. After being hired to clean the home, his eyes could not believe what he saw.

The dogs were neglected, matted and covered in urine and feces. The owners left them closed in a crate when their home was foreclosed. They are currently receiving treatment and care and they are showing good signs of recovery. The cruelty of abandoning animals is against the law and anyone culpable shall be prosecuted.


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