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Dog’s Stomach Making Loud Noises (Gurgling) – What to do

At times dogs stomach make gargling sound which is considered to be a normal situation. This happens mostly when gases tend to move from one point to another within the digestive system. However, dog loud stomach noises with other symptoms like diarrhea, throwing up and it won’t eat, you should check to see if there is any stomach upsets or infections.

Borborygmus is a term that is used in referring to gas movement within a dog’s intestine. On the contrary, these gases are also produced during digestion process and can cause rumbling noises. Since digestion is a process that requires a lot of energy and plenty of air is always released when this activity is taking place. This is a major reason for dog stomach gurgling at night.

Most dogs experience this sounds on a regular basis; however, they are not very audible if you want to get a glimpse of them you will have to place your ears against your fury’s stomach. Therefore such kind of noises are known to be very quiet and slow at the same time.

It becomes quite concerning when this sounds become too loud to extend of hearing them from the furthest end. This could be an indication of a serious condition developing in its digestive system that is affecting your pet.

In addition to loud sounds produced there are other symptoms that can also be observed. They include:

  1. Bloating
  2. Vomiting
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Lethargy
  5. Pain is also experienced at some point
  6. Diarrhea

Some dogs eat grass while having stomach upset to induce vomiting while others do that to boost fiber in their system.

Reasons for Dog Stomach Rumbling

The following are what causes dog stomach to make noise

1.      Hunger

A dog’s stomach sometimes growls to show that it is hungry. This growling’s comes about due to contraction of its gastrointestinal tract. Hunger sound is a little bit higher and audible as compared to a soft sound that is made during digestion process.

This comes about if it undergoes quite a long period of time without food. Additionally during morning hours or some few times before evening meal its stomach growls as a way of preparing it tummy for food ingestion to take place.

As a care taker do not starve your pet for a long period of time without giving it food. Provide it with a meal three times within the day instead of offering food once.

Furthermore a dog that is undergoing starvation throws up bile. Bilious vomiting syndrome is a term used in referring to an empty belly. So dog loud stomach noises and throwing up in most cases is a sign of hunger or stomach infection.

2.      Dietary Indiscretion

Similarly, dogs are known to originate from wolves’ family and therefore feeding on foods from trash is an action that is very common to them. When hungry they break into dustbins to find anything that satisfies their empty tummy.

Feeding on food that is contaminated causes stomach to make rumbling sounds.in some cases it will vomit and diarrhea will be seen to show that its digestive system is experiencing some difficulties.

3.      Air Ingestion

A furry that consumes it food in a hurriedly way swallows excess air along with its food. Ingestion of excess hair in its system causes its stomach to become noisy. A pet that feeds very fast is prone to be choked with food, since it swallows foods without chewing properly reaching its tummy it causes discomfort.

If it keeps on feeding to fast you can be of help by providing proving it with special feeding bowls to reduce its pace of feeding.in addition try using different methods to feed it i.e. placing its food on a bigger bowl or for instance place toys in its feeding bowl.

In conclusion this type of feeding can make your furry to develop a life threatening condition which is referred to as bloat.

Why Dog Stomach is Making Noises and he won’t eat

If it resists to eat just in a day this should not be of great concern.it becomes a problem when this act goes on for quite a long period of time with its stomach releasing louder noises.in such cases consider seeking attention from your vet.

Intestinal problems are known to cause a lot of rambling in its stomach and this sounds seems to be audible. You may also want to look at other symptoms such as lack of appetite, vomiting and constipation.

This sounds can also  be sign that it is suffering from gastrointestinal disease.to determine if its suffering from this type of disease its feces comes out with traces of blood in it.

Keep your pet away from ingesting foods that are quite difficult to digest such as chocolate. During swelling time a lot of pressure is exalted in its gastrointestinal leading to formation of a lot of gas in its organ thus production rumbling sound being heard.

On the other hand you should avoid introducing new foods in its diet, instead perform it in a gradual way. Provide a lot of fiber in its diet to prevent it from experiencing constipation.

You should seek attention from your vet when it ingest foreign objects since this can cause blockage to certain areas in its digestive system.

Dogs Stomach Gurgling at Night while Sleeping

A condition known as bilious vomiting syndrome is the main reason to as why a dog’s stomach growls.it causes a fury’s stomach to make loud sounds during morning hours and late nights.

However in the morning you the sounds might not be clear since you are busy your routine chores. This comes about when there is an increased amount of acidity formation in its stomach.

During night hours there is a lot of body process that takes place in its body. Mostly this activities requires a lot of energy inclusive of digestion process. That moment a pet tends to rest digestion uses a lot of energy to help in processing ingested food. Therefore a lot of loud sounds can also be caused due to digestion in its system.

Furthermore there are those dogs that uses a lot of energy during day time i.e. high energy breeds. They are prone to develop stomach gurgling during the night because a lot of food is used up in there bodies.it becomes quite hard for foods that it has feed on to sustain its tummy till morning hours.

During this process a lot of gastric acid is produced as a way of preparing absorption to take place. Since your dog is unable to feed tummy upsets develops due to irritation of stomach lining. White foam is also released to get rid of acids that had been produced to help in digestion process to take place. Throwing up is helpful in offering relief to your suffering pet.

Seek help from a veteran for medication to be prescribed to prevent it from vomiting. On the other hand dogs that uses a lot of energy during daytime you can be of help by proving them with bedtime snacks. Give snacks that are friendly to its digestive system to avoid a lot of complications.

What to Do about a Dogs Stomach Making Noises

If this condition does not come to an end on its own pay a visit to your veteran. Loud sounds should not be ignored at all since it might be a sign of a serious condition that is developing. This becomes worrisome especially when loud sounds are accompanied with other symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. Below are some routines you can try to observe if its situation improves.

Try to provide your pet with three meals within a day.in the morning provide it with food and be watch out to note if growling sounds stops. If they are not heard again consider an empty stomach that is causing its stomach to make sounds during early hours.

An appointment to your vet should be done in a case where this sounds comes about being accompanied with different signs and symptoms such as vomiting, restlessness, diarrhea, lethargy and loose of appetite. This is a condition that needs treatment since it shows more serious problems of hunger.

A Dogs Stomach Noisy and Shaking

If your dog develops an upset stomach and shakes at the same time this becomes of great concern to its owner. Various possibilities can result from your dog experiencing an upset of stomach followed by it shaking. A proper guideline is needed from your vet to perform a quick check up. Some of this process can be carried out with a vet to be aware of its health condition.

Its gums are always the first once to be examined. A long press is done on them to see if they go back to their normal state, in addition healthy gums goes back to their normal condition in less than a second.

If its gums are pale in color and when or when pressed it takes more time for it to go back in its normal stat, make a trip to a vet for help. Some of the reason that makes your pets stomach to have an upset stomach and shiver at the same time include

1.      Being Unwell

This condition is mostly experienced in dogs that are young. Breed types such as min pin are likely to shake as way of expressing that they are not feeling comfortable or when excited.

Similarly it undergoes a shivering process either followed by diarrhea or vomiting a sign to show that it is not feeling well. Shivering comes about and disappears within the day.it a problem that goes off after certain period of time when fever goes off on its own.

2.      Glucose Imbalance

Apart from not feeling well glucose imbalance is another medical problem that can make your dog’s stomach followed with shivering. This mostly happen to young puppies since they have not adapted properly to their daily diet.

If it does not feed on food for quite a long period of time low blood sugar level is experienced hence making it develop an upset stomach followed by shivering.

To restore it dropped blood sugar level provide it with a teaspoonful of honey. If glucose imbalance is the culprit to this problem it goes back to its normal being in few minutes after leaking it.

3.      To show pain

Upset stomach and body shaking can result due to pain.in some cases this cases comes about when it undergoes abdominal pains that are caused by its gastrointestinal problems in its system.

In addition symptoms i.e. heavy breathing and panting and growling are also accompanied with the pain. Make trip to a veteran since it might be developing a serious condition such as blockage of its intestine. This can be brought about if it swallows a foreign object that cannot be digested and is unable to pass through its intestine.

4.      Ingestion of Toxic Substances

Keep your pet away from foods that are toxic to its health such as chocolate. If yet consumes this foods it develops stomach upset as well as followed by shake of its body.in your dustbin or where you throw trash ensure that such types of feeds are absent because a dog feeds on anything when its hungry as a way of filling up its tummy.

How can I Stop my Dog’s Stomach from making Noises?

There are some home remedies that can be used in cooling down sounds that are produced in a dog’s stomach. Before using remedies mentioned below seek a proper guideline from your veteran to avoid a lot of complications.

1.      Ginger

This is a natural home remedy helpful in relieving it from stomach upset, use fine grinded ginger by diluting it in warm water. Allow it to cool down give around two spoonful of water then leave it for quite sometimes.

2.      Pumpkin

It is a type of natural vegetable that you can administer to your pup if it develops an upset stomach.

To use this natural remedy you can add it to its daily diet when it feeds. Since it is reach in a high fiber content that is helpful in relieving it from gastrointestinal pains.

3.      Plain yoghurt

In its food you can add a table spoon of plain yoghurt, ensure that you pick on unsweetened one for treatment.by providing its upset stomach is relieved from excess pain.

4.      Oatmeal

In most cases oatmeal is always taken as a home remedy that is used to take care of a pet’s coat. On the other hand this natural substance can also be used in soothing a stomach that is rumbling.

To use this oatmeal do not use on pre packed once that consist of sugar. This might not be of help since they can lead to serious conditions in its system.


Dog stomach making noise is sometimes a normal occurrence that should not draw a lot of attention. However, if accompanies other symptoms, urgently visit a veterinarian.

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