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Dog Itchy Ears Meaning and What to do

Dog shaking head and scratching ears is sometimes considered to be a normal canine behavior. In other circumstances where your dog constantly keeps doing this, it should be of great concern. Things like termites, parasites or even infections can lead to a dog whining and scratching ears until it starts bleeding.

Dog shaking head and scratching ears should not be assumed because it could mean something serious that is harming your canine. This is a condition that can be attributed to the following reasons:-

  1. Something might have been caught in its ears
  2. An injury in its ear
  3. Too much of its earwax
  4. Its ear must have been infected
  5. It can either be due to a cut or an injury
  6. A pimple or bump in dog’s ear

It is always good you to always keep an eye on your pet’s daily behaviors. This will help in noticing any kind of changes that might occur concerning health and character.

In addition, some of the causes of a dog scratchy ears can be well taken care of while at home. It’s helpful since you don’t have to consult you veteran more often with mere symptoms.

What Causes Itchy Ears in Dogs?

Dog itchy ears may be mild or severe depending on what has caused it. Here are reasons for your canine discomfort:-

1.      Ear Mite Cause Dog Itchy Ears

Ear mites are very common and can be found in your pet’s ear or around it. There are several of ear mites but the most common one is referred to as octedectes. These are very tiny insects that infest animals for livelihood. They can be found on any body part of the pet like its tail, paws and head but the most affected area is its ears.

Mites always causes a lot of inflammation and irritation. It main food is sucking the host blood. When it bites it causes a lot of itchiness and some sensation that makes a dog to keep shaking head and scratching ears.

When it is not treated it can cause severe dog itchy ears, bleeding and skin infections on the dog’s ear. Ear mites are contagious in that they can be passed from one pet to another. Those dogs that live in a crowded area and a dirty environment they easily get infested.

There are certain symptoms which will defiantly be seen in your dog to indicate that it’s affected with an ear mite. This include:

  1. Head shaking
  2. A rubbing that seems to be very strong
  3. Wax buildup
  4. Open sores will be observed
  5. Its skin will become more sensitive

When this first sighs are not taken care of, your dog gets a smelly ear discharge. This shows that your dog is developing a secondary ear infection.

In a situation where your dog scratches its ears too much, its blood vessels can be ruptured. This makes its ears to swell and become more painful.

In such a condition, your vet will recommend surgery to be carried out for proper treatment. Ear mite condition is said to affect dog at any stage i.e. the puppies and adult dogs.

1.      Ear infection

Infections are very much common in dogs that have ears that are flabby. Meaning that its ears are hanging loosely. When ears seem to be flabby the rate at which the air circulates becomes lesser.

This leads to more warmth and moisture being retained in its ears. As a result of this the environment becomes more conducive for microorganism development. This eventually leads to ear infection in your dog.

In most dogs the ear infection always affects its external ears. This is because the part is always exposed to more environmental conditions.

However, when the outer part of the ear is not timely treated, it will eventually spread to the internal ear parts causing more damages. You may also notice that the dog’s itchy ears will also be losing hair due to frequent scratching.

Ear infections that cause dog itchy ears will always make you’re her feel much uncomfortable. In addition, there are symptoms such as swollen ears, red in color and when touched they are very hot than usual.

When not well taken care of a discharge with a bad odor will occur. This infection can affect either one side of its ears or both of your dog’s ear.

2.      Fleas

Flea is another type of parasite that causes a lot of irritation and dog itchy ears. This should be taken care off immediately since it can make your dog become anemic.

When your dog is anemic it will keep on shaking its head more often and too much scratching will be observed. As a pet owner it is always advisable to do away with the flea as soon as you notice any signs.

3.      Foreign object in Ear

When your dog has anything that is foreign in ear, she will experience a lot of discomfort and perhaps some pain. This foreign can either be sand, grass, twigs or maybe cottons.

Foreign objects in your dog’s ears can lead to infection, as a result of more and often rubbing. If you notice any foreign object in your dog’s ears always seek assistance from your veteran.

In some cases, it might be a sharp object that will get down to ear canal causing damage to the ear drum. Shaking its heads more vigorously might be a sign that something is down inside the ear canal.

4.      Allergic Reactions

In a situation whereby your dogs have a history of allergic reactions, its ears will become allergic to any allergens that can either be inhaled or consumed through food. You may also notice that itchy ears may start after washing the pet with a certain type of soap. It may be reacting to the soap’s chemical components.

In other cases, your dog skin might come in contact with allergens that makes its skin to become more irritated and inflamed. This can either be used pesticides that has been spread on the flowers.

The most common allergens that are found in within our households include cleaning detergents and dust mites. In most cases food allergen comes from dairy products, wheat and pork.

When your dog has a skin allergic reaction it will be observed in them at about 3years of age. If you are a pet owner, ensure that you clear up the environment to make your dog be free from allergens.

You vet may Administer an antihistamine that helps so much in reducing inflammation and itchiness for your dog’s skin. Do not hesitate to call him when your canine looks troubled.

A dog that has been affected with an allergen will show signs all over its body. Otherwise the most common part that is attacked mostly is its ears, feet and its tummy.

Your dog will lick the place more often and it always seems to be very red.in other terms surface that has been licked the most will end up turning into a red or a brown color.

5.      Fly Bites on Dogs Ear

Your dog’s ears may be attacked by fly bites. When this happens, you will notice that the dog has a sudden urge to scratch the ear while shaking its head and whining. The sound produced while it scratches its ears will definitely indicate that there is a problem.

Fly bites will cause sores on your dog’s ears and when combined with itchiness more pain is experienced. This is also a major cause of dog itchy and bleeding. Pets’ ears seem to have a conducive environment for fly bite attack due to its thinness.

The natural delicate nature of the skin found on dog’s ear is a reason why fly bites will settle on your there. When fly bites are left for a long time without any measure, eventually it will lead to wound formation and bleeding.

This wounds tend to be red in color. As they appear, there will be formation of crust around the sores and scabs on dog’s ear. Eventually a red like bloody bump will be left behind. This bumps will make your dog to be attacked with more fly bites i.e the bot flies and sand flies. Flies will lie eggs within the area surface and they will eventually hatch into maggots that can cause serious and severe dog itchy ears.

As a pet owner it’s always advisable to get rid of any bite fly before it worsen. You can use a fly repellant to drive them away and prevent them from breeding. This action will prevent fly bites from breeding on your dog’s ears.

What to do for Dog Itchy Ears

It is always an issue of great concern when your dog keeps on scratching its ears. As a result, a lot of pet owners will defiantly seek medical attention from there veterinarian. Here is what ought to be done when your dog appear uncomfortable:-

1.      Check the Ears

For a dog owner it’s always advisable to you keep an eye on your pet’s daily behaviors. This helps to identify any kind of immediate changes that might be taking place.

When she shakes head and seems to scratch ears more often consider it being abnormal. Ensure that you check just to be sure of which might be happening.

During the inspection process check both its external and internal part. Just in case of a hidden foreign object or you have spotted excessive wax accumulation, let it be removed by a vet.

2.      Administer Antihistamine

If allergy is the reason for change of your dog’s behavior, antihistamine is always recommended; It helps more so in soothing the itchy area making your dog feel stress free. This has to be right from your vet.

3.      Corticosteroids

This is an anti-inflammatory drug which is offered to your dog in order to give it a sigh of relief. The medication should be prescribed by your veterinarian. Corticosteroids is considered to be much more effective in relieving any itchiness in your dog’s ears. Sometimes hydrocortisone cream may be applied on inflamed areas.

4.      Elimination

When you are a dog owner and you found out that your dog has been attacked by parasites i.e. the mite and ticks, It is good to get rid of them immediately in order to prevent further damage.

For a proper and healthy living of your dog. Ensure that the entire environment is free from any parasites that might be present.

5.      Getting Rid of Foreign Bodies

In a situation where your dog seems to have itchy ears and you can be able to detect a foreign body.it is considered proper in getting rid of it with immediate effect.

In other terms you can also consider to remove it only if it is within the surface.in a case where it seems to be little bit further do not force it to get out.

This is because it can cause more damage to the dogs’ ear. Seek medical attention from your vet for proper removal and treatment.

Cleaning Dogs Ears

Just like human being’s dogs should be taken care of by being properly groomed for a good health. Ensure that you clean its ears properly to get rid of any dirt and wax buildup.

Earwax is very dangerous in that it provides a conducive environment for microorganism development. When cleaning is carried out it will hinder wax development and reduces itchiness on your dog’s ears.

Dog Itchy Ears Only at Night

When your dog’s keeps on shaking its head during the night, this might be as a result of presence of ear wax or hair around its ear drum. In addition, dogs that only experience itchy ears only during the night might be suffering from allergens such as dust and pollen grains.

If you are a dog owner and you always clean its bedding with Benadryl treatment, you might consider it allergic to those cleaning detergents which are used to clean its beddings. It’s always proper to get rid of anything within your dog’s environment which hinders it from sleeping properly.

When to See a Vet

Some other causes of itchy ears in your dog do not actually need consultation from your vet. You can deal with them individually when you are at home. Below are some serious problems that needs help from your veteran before carrying out any treatment.

  1. When your dog seems to change its behaviors. In that case you are not able to detect the actual cause of its itchiness and discomfort.
  2. The moment an ear drum rapture has happened
  3. When your dog keeps own shaking its head more vigorously and more itchiness
  4. Discharge that has a foul odor when experienced and comes out through its ears
  5. Some dogs show signs of imbalance
  6. That moment when your dog has been treated but its itchiness does not cool down

Dog Itchy Ears, shaking Head and Panting

There is situation whereby your dog will shake and seem to pant at the same time. This might show that your dog has got a difficulty while breathing. It can also be due to lesser oxygen to breath causing discomfort while breathing.

In continuation your dog might be stressful as a result of being hurt. This is a situation whereby your dogs will seem to adjust from maybe an ear drum rapture that is healing at the process.

How can you prevent dog itchy ears and future infection?

Ear infection in dogs is much common however most of them can be taken care of when you properly take care of your dog’s ears.

Ensure that you keep your pets ears clean by teaming excessive hair that grows in or around your dog’s years. Every once in a week ensure that you clean its ear with a special cleanser for a proper hygiene.

For those who take their dogs for a walk ensure that you check your dog’s ears. There might be presence of foreign particles stuck in your pet’s ears such as grass seeds or sand.

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