Dog Losing Hair Around Eyes (Causes & Solutions)

Being a common disorder found in dogs, hair loss can be caused by a skin infection, allergic reactions, parasitical infection, and even stress. This disorder can happen to dogs of any age and breed, and it can result in partial or complete hair loss.

In this post, we will be specifically discussing hair loss around the eyes and the causes and solutions for this problem. If possible, discuss this disorder with your veterinarian and seek their advice in handling this situation.

Possible Causes of Hair Loss Around Eyes

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Sample Picture of Dog Losing Hair Around the Eyes

1. Environmental Allergies

Very common in humans, allergies have been passed down to domestic dogs due to their frequent interactions with their two-legged owners. Dogs can have allergic reactions to food, dander, pollen, poisonous plants, dust, mold, and even more!

Common symptoms of allergic reactions are hair loss, frequent itching, and red spots. Due to the frequent itching, the affected skin patches will begin to lose hair as your dog continues to scratch that spot over and over again.

Solutions to Allergies

The method to fix this problem can be either simple or complex. You can either use the method of trial-and-error, which I don’t recommend, or go to the vet and get a physical examination of your pet to find the exact cause of that allergen.

If you suspect that the culprit behind the hair loss is due to allergies, then you need to strengthen your pet’s immune system by supplementing your pet’s diet to fight against the skin, seasonal, and environmental allergy issues.

For pet owners who are looking for a new way to treat your pet, why not try mixing this liquidy treat that comes with guaranteed health benefits? Formulated for dogs, this treat strengthens skin, coat, hips and joints, heart, and the immune system.

2. Parasitical Infections

If you regularly exercise your dog outdoors and particularly out in the woods, you need to regularly check your pet’s coat for any parasites. Potential insects that can cause parasitical infections are mites, ticks, fleas, worms, and lice.

Common symptoms of parasitical infections are hair loss, frequent itching, and red rashes. The hair loss could happen around the eyes for some pets, but it is not necessarily always going to be around the eyes all the time.

Solutions to Parasites

The best way to solve this problem is to check your dog’s coat and hidden spots (skin folds, armpits, and ears) for parasites. If you can’t find any, then check their bedding and their favorite spots around the house.

If you suspect that parasites are the main culprit behind your dog hair loss around the eyes, then you need to get the right product to treat it. This product by K9 Advantix has been proven to work against fleas and ticks, so try it out if you are interested.

For mites and lice, this shampoo by Veterinary Formula Clinical Care will do the trick by removing the parasitical infestation. In addition to the complete removal, it also helps with the healing process as well through its medicated ingredients.

For parasitical worms, the Excel De-wormer will do the work by removing tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and even whipworms. Make sure to read the customer review section before making your final choice.

3. Eye Problems

If it is not the problem with the skin, then the hair loss around the eyes could mean that there is a problem with the eye itself. Eye problems would lead to irritation of the eye, which can result in constant scratching of the eye area.

This action can lead to hair loss around the eyes, and if left untreated, it can also pose a serious medical problem. To get it fixed, please visit the nearby veterinarian regarding the issues with the eye.

Conclusion: Similar Symptoms

As you might have noticed earlier, the factors that cause hair loss around the eyes have similar symptoms, which can be hard to differentiate. If you can’t figure them out on your own, be sure to contact your vet to prevent further repercussions.

I hope this helped, and thank you so much for reading this post for dog losing hair around the eyes. As always, be free to visit our homepage for regular updates, and you are welcome to come back for more!

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