Dog’s Stomach Making Loud Noises (Causes & Remedies)

Have you ever listened to loud noises coming out of your dog’s stomach area? If so, you are probably wondering the cause behind it. Similar to humans, stomach grumbling is a normal sign of hunger, and if your dog hasn’t eaten in a while, give him something to eat, and the rumbling sounds will probably go away.

In this post, we will be covering the general causes behind the gurgling sounds in your dog’s stomach, and as we cover each symptom, we will also look at the solutions for each cause. Make sure to read each section carefully, and take necessary actions along the way if you think that the gurgling sounds are somewhat abnormal.

General Causes of Gurgling Noises

Without further ado, we are going to jump straight into our four general causes of gurgling noises in your dog’s stomach. Some of it will be common knowledge, but others will be not. I hope this helps, and if you have any questions, make sure to comment down below for further inspection!

1. Hunger

Hunger is one of the normal causes, and you shouldn’t be worried too much about this one. If your dog’s stomach rumbles in the morning and he hasn’t had his breakfast yet, this gurgling sound is caused by a hungry stomach. It is pretty straightforward since we experience it all the time when we are feeling hungry.

Solutions to Hungry Stomach

Since the cause is pretty normal, the solution is located somewhere in your house. Get your bag of dog food and give them something to eat. After feeding, the rumbling stomach will probably go on a silent mode for a while, and if the sounds continue to go on even after giving them something to eat, then the cause probably lies elsewhere.

If your dog food is running out, try out this dry dog food by Pedigree, which has been created with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids. To ensure a healthy dog feed, this dry kibble has been formulated with no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, and even no added sugar.

If you prefer something premium, this dog food by Purina Pro contains high protein, prebiotic fiber, and salmon & rice formula. In addition, this pack has been made for dogs with sensitive skin and stomach, so if your dog can’t eat regular dry kibble, why not try these out for a change?

2. Upset Stomach

If the sound is not due to hunger, it is probably due to something that they ate a while back. If your dog eats something from the trash pile or food that has gone bad, its stomach will start to voice its disagreement through loud rumblings. Be forewarned since high-quality dishes can cause this event to happen.

In addition, foods that are too spicy need to be avoided at all costs, and snacks that contain various additives should not be given to your dog. Even though he/she might look at you with sorrowful eyes, you will be regretting your decision down the road as your dog throws up on your carpeted floor.

Solutions to Indigestion

If you suspect that your dog is having an upset stomach, your dog will get better as time passes, but if you want to reduce the pain along the way, these products down below might help with the process.

For immediate relief, this product by Natural Care for Dogs helps with indigestion through its various ingredients. This liquid edible product contains ginger, pectin, and peppermint oil to aid digestion and to cure upset stomachs.

If an upset stomach happens to your dog on a regular basis, getting a supplement that contains digestive enzymes that might be a good idea. These supplements contain probiotics, pumpkin, and coagulants that aid with the digestive process and also with the immune system.

3. Intestinal Parasites

While some internal parasites can be transmitted to humans, the worms inside your dog’s stomach can cause gurgling sounds to occur. Common symptoms of worms inside your dog’s stomach are a swollen abdomen, diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, intestinal obstruction, and emaciation.

The parasites inside the stomach will rob your dog of many nutrients needed to survive, and due to the worms, your dog will start to literally shrivel even though he eats more and more. If this happens, make sure to get the proper treatment to get rid of the intestinal parasites inside your dog!

Solutions to Parasitic Infection

Even though you can get this treatment through your vet, the fastest and the most efficient way is probably buying the treatment online. Since parasitic infection is a common problem among young puppies and even adult dogs, getting these products is an easy matter for most dog owners.

Made by Sentry HC, this dewormer works against tapeworms, roundworms, and even hookworms. This product should be used once a month for preventive measures against intestinal parasites, and it has proven to work for many dogs around the world.

Formulated for a wide spectrum of parasites, this chewable dewormer fights tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and even whipworms. Due to its safe use, this dewormer can be used without a prescription and can safely remove the intestinal parasites from your pet with a single dose.

4. Intestinal Disorder

If that gurgling sound from your dog’s stomach isn’t caused by external factors, then it is probably caused by something within. There could be an ulcer that formed inside your dog’s stomach or a problem with the gastrointestinal tract itself. In addition, frequent sounds can be caused by cancer or some inherited disease.

Solutions to Intestinal Disorder

Due to its many factors and disorders, it is best to treat intestinal disorders through your vet. Your veterinarian will do an in-depth diagnosis concerning your dog’s problem if you see serious medical symptoms that require immediate assistance. If your dog looks sick and his stomach is growling uncontrollably, go to your vet immediately!

Homemade Remedies to Dog’s Stomach Making Loud Noises

If you hear your dog’s stomach making loud noises, you can implement these homemade remedies, which you have probably memorized by now. For hunger, you can obviously give him food to eat, but for an upset stomach, a bland diet will calm the stomach down a bit.

A bland diet should consist of rice and chicken without any additives. Make sure to pour more water to make it a porridge, and leave it on the counter to cool before giving it to your dog. For intestinal parasites, giving him a regular dose of dewormer will do the trick, and for internal disorders, schedule a regular appointment with your vet!

Conclusion: Why Are the Gurgling Noise Continue to Sound?

If you continue to hear gurgling noise in your dog’s stomach, make sure that is not gurgling too loud or too frequently. If you can’t figure out the cause behind the sounds, take your dog to a vet to see the cause behind it. Even though the cause might be small, the problem might escalate to a serious degree if left untreated.

I hope that this post called Dog’s Stomach Making Loud Noises (Causes & Remedies) helped you out. For more information like this, be sure to visit our website for regular updates. Hope you have a great day, and good luck to your pet as well!