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Is Olive Oil good for Dogs (Extra Virgin)? Benefits and Side Effects

Is olive good for dogs? As a pet owner, how much olive oil should you feed your dog? What are the benefits and side effects? In our guide we have all answers to the above questions.

Olive oil is naturally extracted from the olives fruits of the olive plant. It has been tested to be highly nutritious to humans and some animals such as dogs and cats. Olive oil is a powerful antioxidant that helps in reducing risks of infections and dangerous ailments. As a strong anti-inflammatory oil, it also helps in preventing most lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart problems and diabetes. It has also been proven to have great health benefits to our pets (dogs and cats) as well.

Dog in particular can gain a lot of benefits from a little addition of olive oil to the food bowl directly or when used for cooking his/her meals. The monounsaturated fats and plenty of vitamin E and K has a lot of goodness to your pet. Potential benefits include; weight management, strong immune system, prevention of cardiovascular disease, dry skin management, diabetes and cancer cure.

Young and senior dogs can also reap big from this natural oil since it helps in good brain functioning, strengthening of weak muscles and joints, and also a great reduction in stress and anxiety.

While dog food is manufactured with a lot of safety measures and guidelines to ensure that it is safe, nutritional and tasty, addition of a small amount of olive oil to your dog’s diet can be a game changer. You will start seeing good changes such as increase in attention, good memory, shiny and healthy looking fur and generally good health.

How much olive oil is good for a dog?

Buying the right type of olive oil is very important. Not all oil in the market that are label “extra virgin” are genuine. Real extra virgin olive oil the best to use since it contains antioxidants and natural bioactive compounds from the olive plants. Extra virgin olive oil is made purely from cold-pressed olives while regular olive oil is a blend of both cold-pressed and natural oils.

Veterinarians recommend that, one teaspoon of olive oil per 20 pounds of body weight per meal. The amount should be mixed in with your dog’s daily wet or dry food. Cold-pressed extra virgin oil is usually the best and remember to store in the refrigerator so that it does not get degraded by light and heat.

Do not give too much extra virgin oil to your canine. Giving a lot can cause digestive problems and the eater can start experiencing diarrhea and vomiting. The pet may also experience excessive weight gain. If the oil is not going well with him/her, cut it out from the diet and probably consult a vet.

What are the benefits of olive oil for dogs?

Here are 10 reasons as to why you should add olive oil to your dog’s diet.

  1. Presence of healthy monounsaturated fats (oleic acid) in the olive oil makes it suitable in preventing and reducing inflammation and therefore the best healthy choice for preventing diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and more.
  2. This natural ingredient also contains loads of powerful antioxidants that are biologically active that may reduce chances of chronic diseases that regularly affect our pets.
  3. Olive oil helps in preventing unwanted weight gain. While ordinary oil increases fats in the body, olive oil breaks down the fats in the cells and therefore act as a weight loss ingredient.
  4. Dogs using olive oil have a strong immune system that effectively fight diseases. Therefore your pet will hardly experience sickness.
  5. The ingredient has also been found to extent your dog’s life. The antioxidant nature of olive oil prevents free radical cell oxidation and as a result stopping premature aging. Senior dogs can therefore look youthful throughout.
  6. Olive oil stimulates brain growth, development and sharpness. Your senior dog will always have a sharp memory actively playing and forever young.
  7. The oil also boost energy in the body by enhancing steady flow and circulation of blood. Some dogs that usually experience breathing problems can do well when using this natural oil.
  8. Olive oil is the best remedy for most skin problems in dogs such as bad smell, dry skin, hot spots and dandruff among others. Healing dog dry skin and promoting a health coat is among the changes you will notice in your pet once you start using olive oil in her diet.
  9. Being a natural laxative, olive oil also helps in reducing constipation in your dog.
  10. Some pet owners have used olive oil to clean their pets’ ears and recorded zero cases of ear infections.

Is there any side effects of olive oil on your dog?

Olive oil has been considered safe for most dog breeds. There are few reported cases of dogs with sensitive stomachs who experience problems with olive oil use. Signs may include vomiting or diarrhea due to stomach upset. The pet owner should discontinue the use of olive oil if such symptoms are recorded.

Too much olive oil to your pooch can also be harmful. The same also applies to giving canned and pickled olives to her. The high levels of sodium in canned and pickled olives can be much harmful. Olive oil may also cause an allergic reaction. Although this is a rare case, some cases have been reported.


Olive oil has more health benefits to both humans and dogs. It should however be used with caution, too much can be harmful. If you feed your dog olive oil and realize that all is not well, do not hesitate to call a veterinarian.

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