Cat Eye Discharge (Brown, Black, Yellow): What to do

Eye discharge is a problem that is common in cats. However, do not leave discharge that has been formed on your cats’ eye to reach a point where it becomes crusty eye boogers that are painful and hard to remove.

Constant discharge from its eyes should be treated as soon as possible. Such a condition is very painful to deal with if the underlying problem is not tackled. Eye problems should be prevented at an early stage to avoid a lot of complications that develops with time.

When eye problem is not taken care of it can eventually lead to complications that cannot be treated easily like blindness.

Seeking immediate help from your vet is considered the first step that you can carry on with as its guardian. Discussing such issues helps with an experienced person helps you to get permanent solution to its problems.

How do you get rid of Cats Eye Discharge

Watery discharge from your cats’ eye may tend to form a crust around the corners. This crusty discharge in general can clog the eye and even cause cat blurry eyesight.

Some home remedies have been mentioned below that you can use to keep its eyes clean. However, seek consultation from a vet before using them to avoid any form of complications and constant discharge.

1.      Use soft cotton

Cleaning cat’s eye discharge using cotton that is soaked in warm water should be very gentle.

  1. Deep the cotton in warm water
  2. Squeeze water that is in excess
  3. wipe its eye gently
  4. Avoid touching its eye balls since this part is very sensitive and it can end up biting you.

2.      Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural home remedy that is very effective to use.

  • Apply coconut oil on a clean piece of cloth
  • Wipe the stained area in a gentle way
  • Be keen when cleaning the stained area to prevent it from getting into your cat’s eye.

Since coconut oil consist of anti-inflammatory property adding it in your pet’s food on a daily basis helps in improving a pet’s eye health.

3.      Witch Hazel

It’s said to consist of astringent properties that are helpful in getting rid of any satins formed on your cat’s eyes, in addition you can also use its solution to clean your pet eyes.

  • Use a piece of cotton cloth and deep it in witch hazel solution
  • wipe stains that have been formed in a proper way
  • Carry on with the same activity twice within a day for proper results

It feels so bad when your feline friend’s eyes are always watery all the time. It’s always recommendable to find out the underlying cause of what is causing its eye to release discharge before finding out a solution on how to soften it.

How to Soften Cat Eye Discharge

Cat eye discharge looks very disgusting when left on its eyes without being gotten rid of. On the other hand it is not that healthy since there are a lot of infections that might end up affecting your pet’s eyes i.e. yeast infection.

Consider getting rid of the discharge that is being produced earlier enough when the crust is still fresh. When it’s cleaned on time the eye is left to dry on its own and ensure that you monitor it to prevent them from sticking together.

There is always a procedure that is followed when you what to get rid of cat eye boogers. One of the methods is by using warm water with a clean piece of cotton cloth.

Soak it into this water and place it on your cats’ eyes for about five minutes to enable crust formed soften for easy removal. Wipe its eyes gently to get rid of all eye boogers that are present.

However, not all pet are willing to settle down for their eyes to be cleaned using warm compress method. As its care taker, it’s always a good idea to come up with a proper way of making it to feel much more comfortable during its cleaning process.

Feed it with different treats in each occasion in such case you won’t face any difficulties with your cleaning process. Being gentle is also very important, avoid pulling its hair or carrying on with the cleaning process in a rough way. Such activity makes it to feel painful and it can end up biting you even before you complete cleaning.

Cat Eye Discharge Causes & Diagnosis

The underlying cause of its problem can also be determined if it is taken to a veteran for proper diagnosis. A cat with healthy eyes won’t have constant discharge from the tear duct.

A variety of reasons can trigger cat eye discharge. Some of them have been mentioned in this content. Yellow or white discharge from your cat’s eyes will definitely indicate an allergy or infection.

Therefore, cleaning its eye discharge on a daily basis is not helpful when you are not aware of its main trigger.

It can also be as a result of something that is physical in nature such as dust or presence of wind blowing in its eyes. Watch out for colored discharge

In addition, sudden watery eyes may just indicate that something is trapped in its eyes and it is just trying to naturally get it out. If the condition is being caused by a serious infection, you will observe that your cat is realizing eye discharge that looks like pus.

Younger cats are at a higher risk of being affected with allergic conjunctivitis. This is because they always spend most of their time playing with dust and sand. Such activities get sand particle into their eyes thus causing irritation.

It keeps scratching its eyes to get rid of the irritant that has gotten into its eyes. Continuation of this action makes its eyes turn red with watery discharge.

If your pet reacts differently due to allergies such as dust, pollen and sand, it’s recommendable that you choose a specific play place for them to avoid such problems. Vets recommend use of antihistamine like Benadryl for allergy treatment.

However, such medications should only be given over the counter since they are not used for pet’s eyes when it is suffering from serious conditions i.e. ulcers and glaucoma.

Lastly medications like top inflammatory steroid, eye drops should only be used when it has been verified by a vet that it’s safe to be used.

There are some cases where your pup’s eyes have green discharge, it’s most likely to be suffering from bacterial infection.

If you take a clear observation, it happens often to those pet that play too much in ponds which consist of stagnant water that is contaminated. Using pup eye ointment is the best solution that you can use when you want to deal with bacteria conjunctivitis.

It’s always good to treat both of your cat’s eyes even if only one side of the eye is the one that has been affected. This is to say that most infections will always spread from one eye to the other thus making treatment more often which is not a good idea.

It’s also important to note which breed your cat comes from. There are those types of breeds such as bull cats and boxers that have a flat face meaning that it gets out discharge from its eyes more often due to shallow structure of its eye socket.

Some cats have eyelids that roll inwards therefore its eyelids keeps causing a lot of irritation in its eyes. In most cases treatments of such conditions requires surgery for proper healing.

Other than the ones mentioned above, a cats’ eyes can also get scratched leading to corneal ulcers. When its eyes is scratched, it gets constant discharge. This condition affects breeds of all types weather its young or old.

Preventing Further Damage

There are certain measures you can carry on with to help in getting rid of your cat eye discharge.

If allergy of pollen and dust are the main reasons of discharge, ensure that its eyes are protected on windy days. to prevent such contamination, you can be of help by providing it with goggles from the vet.

Certain pets can be allergic to certain types of foods and the sign can be indicated when it gets a runny discharge from its eyes.

In most situations symptoms are known to be experienced through skin irritation, though allergy can also be noted when your pet gets a nasal or eye discharge.

Consult a vet on foods that are safe for your pet and keep off from those that causes problems.

Provide your pet with recommended diet and food supplements that helps to promote health of its eyes. Provide its daily diet food that are rich of vitamin C and D to prevent them from contacting disorders that triggers development of eye discharge.

Tight ties are also known to cause excessive eye discharge to your feline friend. When tight ties are used to tie your pet’s neck they end up exalting a lot of pressure on its neck and its face area.

Disorders such as tear duct anomalies are conditions that are quite difficult to deal with.

Therefore, when choosing a pet to keep ensure that its owner has completely been screened from such disorders to help in promoting your pet’s general health. Such an activity helps so much in reducing issues that are related to your pets eye discharge.

You can also prevent it from getting eye irritation by taking it to a groomer to keep their eyes away from long hair. You should also avoid use shampoos in a good way to prevent it from getting into its eyes while grooming it.

How do you apply Medication in Your Cats Eyes

After diagnosis has been carried out, a vet is in a position to tell the main reason causing your cats’ eye discharge. Therefore, you should always be prepared on the procedure measures that you might be given.

If you are unable to perform them correctly, consider consulting a vet. Below are steps that you can follow when you want to administer eye drops or ointment.

  • First procedure, you should ensure that you have properly cleaned its eyes to get rid of discharge that is present
  • Use water that is warm with a clean peace of cotton ball
  • If you are using eye drop or ointment, make sure that it’s close to where you are

If you are using eye drop, make sure that you tilt your cat’s head not that much just slightly. Hold its head firmly but in a gentle way to prevent it from moving and squeeze eye drop on the upper part of its eyes.

When you want to use ointment it’s also proper to clean its eyes before applying the medication. This helps in getting rid of any germs present for medication to work effectively.

Pull its eyelid downwards in a gentle way to create a space for ointment application. Make sure its head is in a good position that it won’t hit its eyes with ointment applicator. For ointment to spread effectively close its lid for a few seconds.

Other eye discharge causes include feline infectious peritonitis, allergies, something lodged in the eye, or third eyelid problems.

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